1.5 Chords and Your First Song

Now that you know the open notes on the first 3 frets, let's start putting them together and make some chords.

In this lesson you are going to learn how to read chord diagrams, play your first 2 chords, and use them both instantly in a popular Bob Marley song.

Positive vibrations people!

Main take aways from this lesson:

  1. The X above a string on chord diagrams means you don't play that string.
  2. The O above a string means you play that note open (not pressing down).
  3. Chord transitions can be just as hard as perfecting the chord itself.
  4. The D chord is hard to play because you finger will often muffle the sound, just practice heaps.
  5. Use your 3rd finger as an anchor point when transitioning between these 2 chords.

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