In this 3 course bundle you'll learn everything you need to know to play all your favourite songs and start creating your own music.

Wether you're a total beginner or more advanced player, the combination of these 3 courses covers the essential knowledge for becoming a well rounded guitar player, and we'll get you playing and having fun from day dot.

See each individual course preview video below

All 3 courses for just $59


Start your musical journey by learning all the most commonly used chords, perfect your strumming technique and gain the fundamental knowledge to jam out with all your favourite songs.

Course e-book included.

Usually $89, included in the $59 bundle

Guitar Essentials

Learn everything you need to know to be able to apply what you learn in this course to playing all your favourite songs.

Course Book Included

Learn offline with our extensive course book which explains music fundamentals and demonstrates all chord diagrams.

High Definition Video

Easily learn all chords all over the neck with high definition video explanations and chord shape close ups.


Play all your favourite songs, get a deeper understanding of musical fundamentals and start creating your own music. Perfect from complete beginners to intermediate guitar players

Usually $199, included in the $59 bundle


Start improvising and playing all over the guitar neck by learning these 5 simple scale shapes. You'll be improvising and creating your own solos from the first lesson.

´╗┐Course e-book included.

Usually $39, included in the $59 bundle

Limited offer - Get All 3 Courses in 1 Bundle

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

If you are unsatisfied with this course bundle, reach out to us within 30 days and we'll refund your money.

I have zero guitar playing skills, is this course suitable?

Short answer, absolutely. Each course in this bundle has beginner elements and breakdowns to get you up to speed with all the fundamentals. The 80/20 course goes into detail on from holding the guitar, tuning, string numbers, frets and everything a complete beginner will need to know.

I feel like I'm already a pretty good player, is this course suitable?

Short answer, also absolutely. Each course goes far beyond the beginner and intermediate level. In the pentatonic course you'll learn how to create your own solos and improvise all over the guitar neck. In the 80/20 we pick apart and simplify more complex elements like scale tone harmony and different scale modes.

Do I need to have an acoustic and electric guitar?

Everything you learn in all 3 of these courses is 100% applicable on any kind of guitar. If you only have an acoustic guitar, you can still play solos, riffs and everything we teach on the electric but just with an acoustic sound, which can also be cool.